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Creatively Capturing Memories in Colorado Springs, CO

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There are plenty of important days in all of our lives. But you only get one chance to capture them correctly. Don't miss your shot at wonderful photographs - choose an experienced and creative photographer in the Colorado Spring, CO, area.

Creative Expressions Cards & Photography is happy to provide our exceptional and artistic photography services for your next special event. Whether you need senior portraits or a wedding photographer, know that our photography company can creatively and competently handle the task.

Known for having a unique angle

Creative Expressions Cards & Photography is dedicated to creatively capturing memories for all occasions. When it comes to these special events and occasions, you want to take photos that are creative and unique, just like the day itself.

Our photographer can provide you with advice and ideas to help make for a wonderful and memorable shoot. If you choose us as your wedding photographer, we'll organize some amazing and creative poses for you, your spouse and the wedding party.

Maybe you want some creative portraits done - we can help with that as well. Creative Expressions Cards & Photography knows some beautiful spots for photo shoots.

While our photographer can provide advice and suggest places and poses, know that this is your day! If you want us to sit back and go with the flow of the day, no problem! Creative Expressions Cards & Photography is here to work with you in any capacity.

Be sure that we'll get the perfect shot either way. Contact us today for more information about what we can do for you!

More about Creative Expressions Cards & Photography

Melissa Johnson is truly passionate about photography. After completing coursework in art and photography, she began Creative Expressions Cards & Photography to pursue her creative endeavors.

For the past four years, she has honed in on her unique photography skillset and wants to capture memories for anyone and everyone in the Colorado Springs, CO, area.

You've only got one chance to capture life's moments - choose a photographer that is as enthusiastic and passionate about telling your story as you are.

Get the shot with Creative Expressions Cards & Photography. For more about our pricing and services, contact us at (719) 337-5207.

Melissa did a wonderful job with our wedding portraits. She was very receptive to any suggestions we had and was extremely thorough in doing everything the way we wanted. We are not traditional people and it was so nice to have a photographer that could reflect that in her clever ideas that made our fun memories come to life. I could not have been happier, and she was very affordable. The thought and dedication she put into our photographs before, during, and after our wedding was outstanding! I would strongly recommend her services to anyone that is needed beautiful photos that they can treasure for a lifetime!!

Bethanyann Kipps

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